GAMM related DFG Priority Programmes

The sessions introduce currently running Priority Programmes of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft which are related to topics of the GAMM.

PP01 Turbulent superstructures

(DFG Priority Programme 1881)

PP02 Reliable simulation techniques in solid mechanics. Development of non-standard discretization methods, mechanical and mathematical analysis

(DFG Priority Programme 1748)

PP03 Reactive bubbly flows

(DFG Priority Programme 1740)

PP04 Field controlled particle matrix interactions: synthesis multiscale modeling and application of magnetic hybrid materials

(DFG Priority Programme 1681)

PP05 Calm, smooth and smart

(DFG Priority Programme 1897)

PP06 Non-smooth and complementarity-based distributed parameter systems: Simulation and hierarchical optimization

(DFG Priority Programme 1962)

PP07 Polymorphic uncertainty modeling for the numerical design of structures

(DFG Priority Programme 1886)

  • Polymorphic Uncertainty Models in Multiphase-Multiphysic Problems
    (Tom Lahmer, Carsten Könke, Albrecht Schmidt, Long Nguyen-Tuan)  
  • On Using Fuzzy Arithmetic in Optimization Problems with Uncertain Constraints
    (Markus Mäck, Michael Hanss)
  • On uncertainty in friction measurement
    (Ostermeyer, G.-P., Müller, M., Srisupattarawanit, T., Völpel, A.) 
  • A collocation based probability-box approach for imprecise models in computational mechanics
    (Mona M. Dannert, Amelie Fau, Metteo Broggi, Udo Nackenhorst, Michael Beer)
  • Polymorphic Uncertainty Modelling for the Numerical Design of Structures (SPP 1886)
    (Michael Kaliske, Fabian Duddeck)