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Hosted by the Grand Hotel Tiziano, the next 86th Annual GAMM conference will take place on March 23-27 in Lecce.

Lecce is a historic city of 95,200 inhabitants in southern Italy, the capital of the province of Lecce, the second province in the region by population, as well as one of the most important cities of Apulia. It is the main city of the Salentine Peninsula, a sub-peninsula at the heel of the Italian Peninsula and is over 2,000 years old.

Because of the rich Baroque architectural monuments found in the city, Lecce is commonly nicknamed "The Florence of the South". The city also has a long traditional affinity with Greek culture going back to its foundation; the Messapii who founded the city are said to have been Cretans in Greek records. To this day, in the Grecìa Salentina, a group of towns not far from Lecce, the griko language is still spoken.

In terms of industry the "Lecce stone" is the city's main export, because it is very soft and malleable, thus suitable for sculptures. Lecce stone is a kind of limestone. Lecce is also an important agricultural centre, chiefly for its olive oil and wine production, as well as an industrial centre specialising in ceramic production.

Links of interest

Apulia's Official Tourism Portal - Tourism Department and Tourism Promotion
The web portal is promoted and managed by the Department Mediterranean - Culture - Tourism of Regione Puglia.
www.viaggiareinpuglia.it (Lecce)

Puglia Events
TheThewww.pugliaevents.it website aims not only to keep attention focused on culture and shows in the region, but also to involve and coordinate those working in these areas.
When it comes to visitors to the website, the aim is to become the reference point for the activities of operators living and working in Apulia, and for tourists planning their trip to the region.

Lecce Travel Guide - VirtualTourist


By Car:
  • On the A14/E55 motorway head in south direction to Bari;
  • Take the exit “Bari Nord”;
  • Follow signs for Brindisi/Lecce and continue on SS16 straight to the Grand Hotel Tiziano.

By Bus:

Some daily coach services are run by private companies from Roma, Milano and Torino.
For more information: www.miccolis-spa.it, www.marozzivt.it

By Train:

The Lecce railway station is located downtown. Regular direct train services run daily from the major cities (Milano, Bologna, Roma).
The hotel can be reached by taxi in 10 minutes.
For more information: www.trenitalia.com.

By Plane:

The airports closest to Lecce are Brindisi (45 Km distance) and Bari (164 Km distance). The conference takes place during the winter time schedule (October 26,2013 - March 28,2014)


  • Both these airports are very well connected with Rome (Fiumicino and Ciampino airports) and Milan (Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo airports). Hence a good way to come to Lecce could be to fly through Milan or Rome.
  • Malpensa provides a special service ViaMilano: http://www.flyviamilano.eu/en to find and combine flights from different airlines. This service could be really useful.
  • Ryanair does not sell connection flights, but if you fly to Bergamo (Ryanair Italian hub) then you can easily find another Ryanair flight for your destination. Check the Bergamo airport web site : http://www.sacbo.it/Airpor/portalProcess.jsp?languageID=2
Milan Airports - Germany connections
Malpensa Linate Bergamo Ryanair hub
Berlin Berlin Berlin
Cologne Dusseldorf Dusseldorf
Dussedorf Frankfurt Eindhoven
Frankfurt   Frankfurt
Hamburg   Munich
Rome Airports - Germany connections
Fiumicino Ciampino
Berlino Francoforte Hahn
Berlino Tegel Baden Baden
Berlino Schönefeld Dusseldorf Weeze
Monaco di Baviere Memmingen
Amburgo Brema
Francoforte Lipsia
Dusseldorf Colonia
Stoccarda Echterdingen Francoforte
See also:
Milan-Malpensa web site:http://www.milanomalpensa-airport.com/en
Milan-Linate web site:http://www.milanolinate-airport.com/en
Milan-Bergamo web site: http://www.sacbo.it/Airpor/portalProcess.jsp?languageID=2
See also:
Rome-Fiumicino web site: http://www.adr.it/web/aeroporti-di-roma-en-/pax-fco-fiumicino
Rome-Ciampino web site: http://www.adr.it/web/aeroporti-di-roma-en-/pax-fco-fiumicino

Brindisi Airport

The nearest airport is the “Brindisi Papola Casale International Airport”.
There are both domestic and international flights. Main national connections: Bologna, Milan, Pisa, Rome, Turin, Venice.
Main international connections: Barcelona, Basel, Brussel, Eindhoven, Geneva, London, Munich, Zurich.

See also:
Brindisi web sitehttp://www.aeroportidipuglia.it/default.asp?idLingua=2&idContenuto=29 Destinations: http://www.aeroportidipuglia.it/default.asp?idlingua=2&rif=11&where=brindisi

Google Flights search https://www.google.com/flights

From the airport to Lecce:
The Shuttle Bus service to Lecce stop at the Air Terminal (50 meters from the Grand Hotel Tiziano).

A bus from the airport to the Brindisi train station is available also every 30 minutes, and from there you can reach Lecce by train (about 30 min, 36 trains per day). Train timetables are available here.

Taxi is also available (about 70 euro, we suggest to agree the price with the driver in advance).

Airshuttle provides a pool taxi service (about 20 euro). The ride has to be booked at least one day in advance http://www.airshuttle.it/index_eng.asp

A special bus service will be provided, in case of necessity.

Bari Airport

A bigger and more connected airport is the Bari Palese one.

See also:
Bari web site: http://www.aeroportidipuglia.it/
Destinations: http://www.aeroportidipuglia.it/default.asp?idlingua=2&rif=11&where=bari

Google Flights search https://www.google.com/flights

From the airport to Lecce:
A shuttle train service is provided from the airport to the Bari train station. The current timetable is available here. From there you can reach Lecce by train (about 1:30 hours, 33 trains per day). Train timetables are available here.

A special bus service will be provided, in case of necessity.