Contribuiting a short communication/Minisymposium talk

All participants are invited to submit an abstract for a short communication in one of the sessions (20 minutes including discussion). For a contribution in a minisymposium an explicit invitation by the respective organizers is mandatory.

If you wish to present a short communication or have been invited to contribute a minisymposium talk, please submit an abstract for your contribution, which will serve as the basis for the decision on the acceptance.

•    Authors are kindly requested to write the abstract in English.
•    Your abstract may contain LaTeX formatting and will be included in the GAMM LaTeX template.
     (Therefore you only need to enter the text between \begin{document} and \end{document},
     there are no character limitations.
     There are separate input areas for title, authors and further information regarding the abstract.)

•    Each participant is allowed to present one paper only.
•    The collected abstracts will be published online.

Submission of abstracts
Submission of abstracts will be available for registered participants during the registration process.
Please submit your abstract before Tuesday, December 20, 2016.

Please classify your paper according to
•    MSC 2010 (Mathematics Subject Classification 2010) or
•    AMR (Applied Mechanics Reviews).

You can find these classifications at
•    Mathematical Reviews. Subject Index 2010     http://www.ams.org/msc/msc2010.html
•    Applied Mechanics Reviews    Index to Volume 43 (1990), pp. 371-375