Poster session of the GAMM Juniors

GAMM Juniors are representatives of the young scientific generation in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics who represent these scientific fields within the academic research and the society. Activities include the contribution to the Committee "Future of GAMM" to support young researchers' activities, organization of interdisciplinary workshops and summer schools for young scientists and the establishment of networking among young researchers in the GAMM. In their poster session the GAMM Juniors present aspects of their current research from different fields of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics.

Dominik Kern (TU Chemnitz)
Melanie Todt (TU Wien)


  • Variational Integrators for Standard and Non-standard Heat Transfer
    PhD Dominik Kern | TU Chemnitz | Germany
  • High performance optimization algorithms for interface identification problems
    Martin Siebenborn | Germany
  • Shell-based ply-level models of layered composites
    Melanie Todt | TU Wien, Institute of Lightweight Design and Structural Biomechanics | Austria
  • Stress-based mixed finite elements for elasticity
    PhD Fleurianne Bertrand | Germany
  • Structure-Preserving Optimal Control for Mechanical Systems
    PhD Kathrin Flaßkamp | Universität Bremen | Germany
  • Economic model predictive control
    Matthias A. Müller | University of Stuttgart | Germany
  • Edge, Ridge and Blob Detection With Symmetric Molecules
    Rafael Reisenhofer | Universität Bremen | Germany
  • Reduced order homogenization for nonlinear composite materials with imperfect interfaces at the phase boundaries
    Matthias Leuschner | University of Stuttgart | Germany
  • Error Estimation in Multiphysics Problems using Runge Kutta Methods with Additive Partitioning
    Ulrich Römer | Technische Universität Darmstadt | Germany
  • Rank-one convexity implies polyconvexity for isotropic energies on SL(2)
    PhD Robert Martin | Germany
  • Stress-Based and Strain-Based Blood Damage Estimation for Medical Device Design
    Lutz Pauli | RWTH Aachen University, Chair for Computational Analysis of Technical Systems | Germany
  • Feature Selection From Real-World Data With Non-Linear Observations
    Martin Genzel | TU Berlin | Germany
  • A polyconvex phase-field approach to fracture with application to finite-deformation contact problems
    PhD Marlon Franke | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology | Germany
  • Approximation of Generalized Ridge Functions in High Dimensions
    Sandra Keiper | Germany