Poster session of the GAMM Juniors

GAMM Juniors are representatives of the young scientific generation in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics who represent these scientific fields within the academic research and the society. Activities include the contribution to the Committee "Future of GAMM" to support young researchers' activities, organization of interdisciplinary workshops and summer schools for young scientists and the establishment of networking among young researchers in the GAMM. In their poster session the GAMM Juniors present aspects of their current research from different fields of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics.

Dominik Kern (TU Chemnitz)


  • GAMM Juniors Activities
    PhD Dominik Kern | TU Chemnitz | Germany
  • General Information about GAMM Student Chapters
    PhD Dominik Kern | TU Chemnitz | Germany
  • Nano-composites with size effects - Fibre-bending stiffness and FE-formulation
    Tobias Kaiser | Institute of Mechanics, TU Dortmund University | Germany
  • Blood Damage Estimation for Medical Device Design
    Lutz Pauli | RWTH Aachen University | Germany
  • Geometry of logarithmic strain measures
    Robert Martin | University of Duisburg Essen | Germany
  • Polyconvexity inspired frameworks and structure-preserving integrators for multi-field problems
    Marlon Franke | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - KIT | Germany
  • Thermo-Mechanical FE Analysis of a Power Plant Component
    Johanna Eisenträger | Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg | Germany
  • A Least Squares Finite Element Method for Coupled Sea Ice and Subsurface flow
    Fleurianne Bertrand | Universität Duisburg-Essen | Germany
  • Numerically robust and efficient two-scale FE-FFT-based simulations of elasto-viscoplastic polycrystals
    Julian Kochmann | RWTH Aachen University | Germany
  • Modeling Uncertainties in Nonlinear Material Properties and Hysteresis
    Ulrich Römer | TU Braunschweig | Germany
  • Convection in porous media
    Marco De Paoli | TU Wien | Austria
  • Reduced-Order Models based on the Shifted Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
    Philipp Schulze | TU Berlin | Germany
  • H_2-Optimal Structure-Preserving Model Order Reduction
    Petar Mlinarić | Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems | Germany
  • Model reduction for linear systems with low-rank switching
    Benjamin Unger | TU Berlin | Germany
  • Optimization in Shape Spaces
    Kathrin Welker | University of Trier | Germany
  • High performance optimization algorithms for interface identification problems
    Martin Siebenborn | Universität Hamburg | Germany
  • L1-Analysis Minimization and Generalized (Co-)Sparsity: When Does Recovery Succeed?
    Martin Genzel | Technische Universität Berlin | Germany
  • Image Processing via Harmonic Analysis - Perceptual Image Quality Assessment, Visual Servoing and Feature Detection
    Rafael Reisenhofer | Universität Bremen | Germany
  • Trajectory Tracking by Servo-constraints
    Svenja Otto | Hamburg University of Technology | Germany
  • Mesh Refinement for T-splines in any dimension
    Morgenstern Philipp | Universität Bonn | Germany