Plenary Lectures 2019

Plenary Lectures - Mathematics

1 Daniel CREMERS (TU München)
Direct methods for camera-based 3D reconstruction & SLAM

2 Dieter BOTHE (TU Darmstadt)
Transport processes at fluid interfaces

3 Robert SCHEICHL (Uni Bath, UK)
PDE constrained Bayesian inference: when numerics meets statistics

4 Barry SMITH (Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago)
Composable solvers in PETSc/Tao: from linear systems and differential equations to optimization


Plenary Lectures - Mechanics 

1 Peter BETSCH (KIT Karlsruhe)
2 Christian HELLMICH (TU Wien)
3 Dennis KOCHMANN (ETH Zürich)
Nonlinear mechanical metamaterials

4 Dwight BARKLEY (Uni Warwick, UK)