Guidelines Presenters & Chairs 2020

Information for Presenters

  • Please check the time and lecture room of your presentation in the daily program and on the info boards as there might have been changes.
  • Technical staff is assigned to each lecture room for help with technical equipment.
  • Each lecture room is equipped with a computer (Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2016, Acrobat Reader DC) and a beamer.
  • Your slides shall be prepared in the format of 16:9, whereas 4:3 is also possible.
  • Please only upload your slides at the day of your presentation, as all computers will be automatically cleared during the night.
  • You are asked to upload your presentation at the very latest in the break before the session.
  • Please be present at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your session and let the chairperson know you are there.
  • Please make sure to stay in your session from the beginning in order to ensure smooth changes between the individual presentations.
  • The time scheduled for the presentations is
    – 20 min. (incl. discussion) for presentations in sections, MS, YRM, DFG-PP sessions,
    – 40 min. (incl. discussion) for Topical & Keynote Lectures in sections, MS, YRM, DFG-PP sessions, and
    – 60 min. for Plenary, Ludwig Prandtl Memorial, and Richard von Mises Lectures.
  • The chairpersons are requested to stop presentations after the scheduled time has passed.

Information for Chairs

  • You are kindly asked to switch between presentations by simply announcing the name of the next presenter and the title of the presentation. Due to the tight schedule, there will not be sufficient time for introducing individual lecturers in a more detailed manner.
  • Please do your best to strictly limit the duration of each presentation and discussion to the allotted time.
  • If a lecturer is missing, please stick to the original program, i.e., extend the discussion time of the preceding presentation or allow a break for the duration of the missing lecture(s). This enables participants to move in between sessions and to listen to chosen individual lectures according to the announced sequence.

Poster Size

  • The provided boards have a size of 1150 x 1450 mm. The typical poster size is DIN A0 portrait with 841 x 1189 mm and fits perfectly. Fixing material (magnets) will be available at the boards.