Conference Dinner

The conference banquet will take place in all event locations of the past monastery 'Renthof' and the Order of Carmelites church 'Alte Brüderkirche' in Kassel.

Renthof klein


Landgrave Heinrich I has called the Order of Carmelites from Palestine back to Europe to settle in Kassel. The Order has started build a church and a monastery in the year 1298. 78 years later the monastery, nowadays called Renthof, and the church 'Alte Brüderkirche' have been finished. The Renthof has a great tradition as educational institution. In the year 1595 Landgrave Maurice the Learned has redesigned the monastery into a gentry school. Later, in the year 1617 the school was transformed into a Knight Academy. In the middle of the thirty year's war in 1633 the famous University of Marburg has opened its Kassel branch in the north-west wing of the building complex. In fact this was the first documented incorporation of a University of Kassel. 

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Since its reopening in the year 2017, the historic Renthof Kassel is a modern boutique hotel with exclusive gastronomy, a bar and several individual event locations within the walls of the more than seven hundred year old building. Enjoy excellent European buffet, some drinks of your choice and the wonderful sound of a piano together with a fantastic voice in the impressing former monastery and Order of Carmelites church.


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