Plenary Lectures 2020/2021

Plenary Lectures - Mathematics


Patrizio Neff (Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
"Logarithmic strain measures in nonlinear elasticity"
Laura Grigori (INRIA Paris, France)
"Recent advances in the design of robust communication avoiding algorithms:
from large scale linear algebra to tensors"
Carola Schönlieb (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
"Data driven variational models for solving inverse problems"
Josef Málek (Prague, Czech Republic)
"Beyond the Navier-Stokes equations"

Plenary Lectures - Mechanics


Stefan Hartmann (Clausthal, Germany)
"The method of vertical lines in non-linear finite elements"
Jörn Mosler (Dortmund, Germany)
"Mechanical interfaces and interphases"
Holger Steeb (Stuttgart, Germany)
"Modelling Porous Media: From Images to Numerical Simulations“
Laurette Tuckermann (ESPCI Paris, France)
"Exotic patterns of Faraday waves"